Hey Guys,

Welcome to Fit Body Bible Take Two, our exciting new 8 week training plan launching on Monday 1st October.

We realise there is a demand for guidance and support so we are giving you both of these things in order to get you feeling fab for the festive period and more importantly, for yourself!

We will be providing bespoke workouts every week aimed at helping you reach your desired goal whether that be fat loss, fitness or muscle building.

We have a private Facebook group set up which will be a 24/7 support, check in space and where all the valuable information will be shared.

As well as this we will be sending you heaps of motivation, recipes, workout challenges, exercise of the week tips and educational points from our Ben who is the brains behind the programme.

With the average trainer being £40 per hour. We are charging £40 for our 8 week programme… This equates to £20 a month… Which is £5 a week – you spend more on your coffee! So ditch the caffeine, invest in your health and get stuck in. We are all in it together, starting Monday 1st October.

Come join us.

Ben and Tiff ✌️


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